“Singing and music have always been a way for me to express who and what I am and the best part of it, is that it’s so much fun”.

From his young days in Paterson, New Jersey, at night, alone in his room, using a hairbrush as his microphone, Paul sang out, but very quietly, to recordings of The Beatles, The Doors, Frank Sinatra and many other great artists. His grandmother introduced him to the music of Moshe Koussevitsky and other great Jewish cantors, whose recordings she would play on Saturday afternoons. Realizing his singing ability, his grandparents sent him for voice lessons around the age of ten.

Paul began singing in orthodox Jewish temples as a young boy and after years in strict orthodox Jewish schools, he left that world to expand his horizons and study theatre at Connecticut College and then at The Neighborhood Playhouse School in New York City. Upon graduating, a teacher there told him that the best teacher is experience: “If they offer you a job jumping out of a box onstage, take it.”

Since then, Paul has jumped out of many boxes, starting in New York City and then jumping around in Los Angeles, performing in musicals, plays, concerts, television and film as well as writing, directing and producing. “The live concert venue, where I can see and connect to the audience, is still my favorite”. In concert, he sings everything from adult contemporary pop to Jewish themed spirituals. “Each song whether I’m writing it, recording it or just singing it, is a journey of exploration.”

Paul studied for the cantorate under renowned cantors Nathan Lam and Meir Finkelstein, who he worked under at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, CA. He also served, for seven years, as cantor at Temple Ramat Zion in Los Angeles. Paul always tries to find new ways to breathe life and meaning into the words he sings at temple. He is currently at work on a new album “trying to bridge the Jewish and secular worlds”. Some of the songs he has written for this album are contemporary expressions of the poetic liturgy. All of the songs express a joy of life and the hope that we can make a better world. “And they all better rock.”

Paul lives in Los Angeles with his talented and beautiful wife, actress Jill Jacobson and their dogs, Monty, Cleo, and baby Benny.