Paul is a multi talented performer, entertainer, singer-songwriter and a very contemporary styled, ordained Jewish cantor. At home on the concert stage, in the theatre, on sound stages, and of course in Jewish temples, churches and Buddhist temples, his beautiful tenor voice, along with his three octave range, complement his stylistic versatility. Paul’s singing and performing are natural, effortless and from the heart.

“The live concert venue, where I can see and connect with the audience is my favorite”. In concert, he sings his own music along with other great Inspirational songs, Pop/Rock, American Songbook, Musical Theatre, Jewish music and when he gets a special request, Opera. Every song he chooses he makes his own. It’s been said “Paul sings with the pathos of a Cantor and the rock and roll enthusiasm of a veteran stage performer” and audiences are always thoroughly entertained. If you mix Bolton, Buble and Celine Dion, you get the type of artist Paul aims for. 

His latest album I See The Whole World Shine is an uplifting, feel good collection of contemporary inspirational songs. The songs, all with a pop/rock feel, are really prayers for the happiness, joy and hope we want to bring into our lives. “I wanted to take a spiritual journey and was looking for a fresh way to communicate very old but beautiful ideals”. The songs are in English and most have some Hebrew beautifully woven throughout them but the music speaks to all; Jews and non-Jews alike. “We are all connected, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. We all wish and pray for the same things”. Dyan Cannon, (Actress/Director/Writer/Producer) calls it “an uplifting feel good album… and who doesn’t like to feel good and uplifted!!”

Several of the songs from this album were chosen to be on the Spirit Series CD Collection and on Jewish Songs of Protest & Hope, published with accompanying CD by Trancontinental Music. His songs are sung by others in concerts and in temples & churches. Paul is a proud member of the Helfman Composers Group and with them just completed David’s Quilt, an exciting new work with the UCLA Orchestra, Choir and Soloists.

Paul might have been influenced to become a Jewish cantor by his grandmother, but he is certainly not your grandmother’s cantor. Though well versed in traditional Jewish cantorial arts, Paul is known for his work in creating ground breaking progressive music and musical services. Paul sees himself as a cantor for all people, singing spiritual and inspirational music for everyone.

Paul began his cantorial career at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. He has sung and continues to sing around the country, in Canada as well as at Stephen Wise Temple in Los Angeles where he is Director of B’nai Mitzvah Studies.

He helped create FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE and TORAH IN THE ROUND at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and the award winning services SHABBAT SINGS and KOLOT for both Friday Night and Shabbat Morning, at Temple Ramat Zion in Los Angeles. In addition he, with Rabbi Michael Graetz, created the award winning booklet/CD PRAY IN DEED as a learning companion to these innovative services.

He is currently at work on a new album and is putting the final touches on his next stage show.

Paul is the recipient of the United Synagogue Gold Award for Learning, the United Synagogue Award for Family Programming, the Men’s Club Western Region Humanitarian Award, Temple Ramat Zion Chayei Olam Award and the Aron HaKodesh Citation of Merit from Sinai Temple.

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